Mellow Minded is dedicated to bringing awareness and understanding to mental health disorders and to celebrate and encourage the tens of millions of individuals and their families, friends, and neighbors who live with this reality each and every day.  You are not alone.  We’ve been there, too, and we want to help.

We’ve teamed up with Please Live in support of their programs that help young people in their struggle with mental illness. Our goal is for them to have chapters throughout the United States to bring their message of help and hope to as many students as possible.

Please Live is dedicated to helping teens conquer mental illness.  Through education and awareness outreach, we are investing in a mentally healthy tomorrow by helping hurting youth today.  We equip students to recognize signs in themselves and in their friends of depression, anxiety, and suicide and to intervene in a crisis. Your purchase helps us to provide this education free of charge to schools and organizations in our communities. There is help.  There is hope.” ~Alexa Moody, Founder and Executive Director