Our Story

Living in Florida in 2009, Mellow Minded, LLC’s founder, Marcus Everest, imagined the state of mind that he’d like to live in. Suffering from anxiety/panic disorder and depression for several years, what he dreamed of feeling could best be described as mellow minded. Having tried many medications with little success and side effects as a result, he ended up self-medicating for years. Marcus was less willing to share with people that he had extreme anxiety than he was to let them see him under the influence. After all, everyone partied, but he didn’t really know anyone outside of family that had a hard time going places without anxiety.  He knew that other people were depressed, but nobody talked about it, and during the low points he felt that he was battling alone. It was definitely not a topic of conversation discussed among his friends. This resulted in a roller coaster that did not lead him to anything close to the mellow mind that he longed for. Life wasn’t easy for many years, but this did not stop him from continuing to work through ideas to bring an organized version of Mellow Minded to life one day.

Marcus Everest, Founder of Mellow Minded

In 2011, Marcus created a logo for Mellow Minded. He bought a small heat press and began making a few t-shirts.  People liked them. Through his sister, Erica, he worked with someone that hand printed the first real batch of Mellow Minded t-shirts. He gave them away to family and friends.  Family and friends gave them away to other people they knew.  The shirts had people asking questions.

“What does mellow minded mean to you?” became the beginning of a bigger thought process for how Mellow Minded could help other people by bringing awareness to mental health issues. Why was it an embarrassment to talk about it in public? Mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression are felt by tens of millions of Americans.  In comparison, 30 million people have diabetes while over 40 million people in the United States suffer from an anxiety disorder. Why do so many feel that it is OK to talk about diabetes, but not anxiety and other mental illnesses? In reality, mental health issues can be treated and cured.   We just need to NOT BE AFRAID to talk about it.

Today, Marcus and a team of Mellow Minded friends are working to spread the word through apparel that sparks conversation and by working with organizations such as Please Live, which is dedicated to helping teens conquer mental illness. By speaking up, by seeking help, by believing that a better life is possible, we can achieve the mellow mind. 

We are you.

We’ve been there.

You’re not alone.