Please Live Collection

Please Live Collection

Please Live is dedicated to helping teens conquer mental illness.  Through education and awareness outreach, we are investing in a mentally healthy tomorrow by helping hurting youth today.  We equip students to recognize signs in themselves and in their friends of depression, anxiety, and suicide and to intervene in a crisis. Your purchase helps us to provide this education free of charge to schools and organizations in our communities. There is help.  There is hope.” ~Alexa Moody, Founder and Executive Director

What is Please Live?

Please Live, Inc. is a nonprofit based on education and awareness of youth mental health and suicide prevention.  Through free educational events, Please Live invests into the future generations by teaching young people how to recognize signs and symptoms of mental health problems in themselves and in their friends.

Ten percent of funds raised from this collection will be donated to Please Live to assist them in providing their life-saving educational programs free of charge to hurting youth in our community.

One of the biggest barriers of hurting people getting the help they need is simply a lack of education.  Many people are struggling and aren’t even aware that what they are experiencing is an illness that can be treated.  Please Live’s program is created and taught by adults with compelling “been there, done that” stories to offer a firsthand look into experiencing and recovering from a mental illness.


“You really helped me.  I was thinking about (suicide) and I just wanted to be gone. You helped me (to reach out and) get help.”

Free Resources

Looking for resources on Suicide & Depression? Here are a few of our favorites. For a complete list, check out our Resources page! Looking for Faith-based information? Check out our Love Life Ministries branch!



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